Patient’s needs always come first

2 October 2015

Crest Hospital may appear smaller than it actually is at street level, but a bird’s eye view shows the extent of its reach deep beyond Carroll Street, including its extensive access and car parking. An open day this Saturday will prove just how welcoming and accessible Crest Hospital is. Manawatu-Std-Advertorial-re-opening-page-2-Oct-2015 03

The greatly improved layout and facilities include a revised reception area, reframed to become more of a pivotal point to Crest Hospital’s renovated interior. Take a turn to the left and a reception area for day patients awaits.

Day patients make up more than 50 per cent of Crest Hospital’s intake and this north-facing facility is conducive to close observation post-surgery and a patient’s swift recovery. After cataract surgery for example, patients recuperate while relaxing in recliner chairs in individual booths. Staffing levels are maintained at optimal levels to ensure excellent post-surgery service.

There are 12 recliners and 10 beds available and patients are directed to the most comfortable position depending on their surgery or medical procedure. The nurses’ station at the end of the wing can observe all the patients in their care.

‘‘We’re very in tune with our patients needs and focused on their speedy recovery,’’ says Crest Hospital Chief Executive Officer Lorna Grove.

Further out of sight on the west wing is the true machinations of Crest Hospital, the engine room where essential background activities are under way.

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Away from the public eye are digital ready operating theatres that have greatly improved the delivery of surgical services.

‘‘X-rays show immediately on the monitors in operating theatres as they are sent on a dedicated line,’’ says Lorna.

Across the corridor are a scrub bay and a sluice room. Further down the corridor is the receiving facility for all instruments requiring cleaning and autoclaving. Managing a specialist sterilisation unit requires a separate sterilisation qualification, of great comfort to those putting their future health in the hands of qualified medical professionals. Post-operation, surgical instruments are returned to the specialist sterilisation unit. This consists of three rooms, providing non-sterile through to sterile treatment and then storing of pre-packed instruments for each individual operation. The storage room for the sterilised instruments presents rack after rack of classified and categorised packages. To the uninitiated, this is quite an insight into the hidden yet essential preparation for a first-class hygiene conscious facility.

Deliveries for all essential incoming provisions for Crest Hospital can be conveniently ushered through large double doors to the kitchen and storage rooms without any impact on nursing services.

A well-equipped kitchen is also in the west wing to provide appropriate meals to patients according to their dietary requirements. Commercial laundry services for Crest Hospital are outsourced although a compact and complete laundry remains for more immediate laundry requirements.

A large meeting room with three removable partitions proves essential for education and regular socialising of the Crest Hospital staff.

Lorna says they’re a close knit community, appreciating each other’s company and enjoying a family atmosphere.

Through a private corridor, access is gained from Crest Hospital through to the Crest Hospital Specialist Rooms. Their cheerfully attended reception area is directly off Carroll Street and is the first introduction for many, experiencing everything a private medical facility can provide in a timely and professional manner.

The new and easily accessed Crest Hospital Specialist Rooms are thoroughly appreciated by their friendly staff.

Specialist doctors including cardiologists, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, gastroenterologists, oncologists, neurologists, internal medicine, rheumatologists, general surgeons, gynecologists, urologists and the like can arrange consultations to suit theirs and their patient’s schedules in modern professional rooms.

Specialist Centre Manager Gayle Parlane is enthusiastic about the difference merging three specialist consulting units into one has achieved. ‘‘I’m really enjoying working in this bright fresh environment,’’ says Gayle.’’It feels great to be finally working all together under one roof. We are all enjoying the improved connection as it’s so light and airy, quite lovely.’’

Those anticipating an in-house medical procedure, a day-stay visit or perhaps wanting to familiarize themselves with Crest Hospital’s new facilities will receive a guided tour on their open day this Saturday.


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