Crest accommodating a new era

1 October 2015

Crest Hospital opens its doors this weekend to potential patients and the naturally curious, revealing what a multimillion dollar facelift can do for the community.

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The external entrance of Crest Hospital may look the same, but internally there are massive changes to accommodate a new era in accessible medicine.

The convergence of the Southern Cross and Aorangi Hospital partnership into Crest Hospital heralds a new era in patient care for Palmerston North and surrounding regions, whether as an in-house or day care patient.

Pressure on the public health system will increase, but with the support of ACC, private health insurance and individual patient funding, professional consultations and elective surgery is now so much more available.

From cataracts to hip replacements, sports injuries to sterilisation, Crest Hospital puts the improvement of health and well being within the ready grasp of those requiring ready care.

‘‘We aim to provide better and more progressive medical and surgical healthcare to the region with our skilled healthcare professionals,’’ says Crest Hospital Chief Executive Officer Lorna Grove.

‘‘It’s a real team environment and culture which means we can provide a greater quality of service to our patients.’’

There are 20 private single rooms for in-house patient care and three double rooms, all with Sky TV. Every en suite bathroom has been totally upgraded.

A newly completed extension on the east wing has provided an additional two single rooms and a large patient lounge with kitchen facilities; somewhere to make a cup of tea and watch sport on the big screen TV. With the sliding external doors pushed open, patients can even sit outside in the sun.

Undertaking such massive modifications has made including installation of wireless internet throughout the hospital possible, providing high-speed internet access for both patients and staff.

‘‘Patient comfort, first-rate nursing care and access to top specialists are our priorities,’’ says Lorna.

Crest Hospital now offers four fully equipped operating theatres, a procedure room and a recovery room. A fifth operating theatre is available internally should Crest Hospital require it at a later date. There’s a patient wait area and for patients post-surgery or after anaesthetic, there is a 10-bed recovery room.

Fifty per cent of Crest Hospital patients are day patients and there is adequate off-street parking for patients and visitors alike.

The Crest reception area has been significantly altered from the original, but the same comfortable and bright waiting area remains. Visitors are cordially received and in-house and day patients made at ease.

Referral by ACC, Southern Cross or other health insurers will introduce those requiring surgery or a medical procedure to a generous level of professional and friendly nursing staff.

Elective surgery follows a preadmission clinic, where an ECG and any other pre-op checks can be performed. At all times, patient car and comfort is paramount.

Having a private hospital and specialist clinics available enables Palmerston North to attract and keep more top medical professionals as they can arrange appointments for private patients as well as attending to patients in the public hospital. ‘‘The majority of our patients are referred to medical specialists by their GPs,’’ says Lorna.

‘‘Our patients include Southern Cross members, policyholders from other insurance companies, selffunding patients, and patients whose surgery is funded under the public system. We contract with public healthcare funders including ACC and District Health Boards.’’ Throughout a busy week, their appointments could include orthopaedics, gynaecology, ENT, urology, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, general surgery, gastrointestinal surgery (including endoscopy) and oral (dental) surgery.

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Four operating theatres allow Crest Hospital to provide timely
elective surgery.

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Crest Hospital has private rooms with newly refurbished en suite bathrooms for in-house patients.


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